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Double Cover Reveal: Hale Maree & Full of Grace by Misty Provencer

Title: Hale Maree & Full of Grace
Author: Misty Provencher  
Genre: Contemporary Romance NA
Hosted by: Lady Amber's Tours

Book Blurb (HALE MAREE)
Hale Simmons's life is already bottoming out and she's only eighteen. Struggling on welfare, while trying to keep her alcoholic father on track, her dreams of having a better life fade a little more each day. But, when her dad witnesses a brutal accident at the bar one night, it changes the entire course of Hale's future. Thrust into an arranged marriage with Oscar Maree, the playboy son of a wealthy man, Hale must learn to trust a stranger to give her the life she's always wanted. First, Hale needs to figure out if love can ever happen by accident.

Book Blurb (FULL OF GRACE)
Landon Grace is a stand-up guy, but running about 7-bananas-strong, from tequila shots at Oscar and Hale's wedding reception, what happened between him and Sher Simmons was supposed to be a one time thing. A quickie, between the Best Man and Maid of Honor, at their best friends' wedding. But some one-night-stands refuse to be finished in one night. Especially when they return with a hard shot of morning sickness. Now, Landon is faced with a problem he never thought he'd have to consider... Just how much sway does a guy really have, regarding a woman's choice to pursue or terminate the pregnancy of his child?

Misty Provencher is a long-term wife, mama, and author. The first two are a bit more recent, but Provencher's writing roots date back to the hieroglyphics she left in her mother's womb.
While Provencher can ride a motorcycle, knows how to Karate chop, and has learned enough French, Spanish, and Sign Language to get herself slapped, Misty's life is actually just the ruse she uses to connect with people. She is totally enchanted with them and spends her days trying to translate the soul bouquets of her muses into words.
Misty Provencher lives in the Mitten. Knock on her internet blog door at: Misty Provencher's Books, or find her on Facebook and Twitter as Misty Provencher.

Excerpt from Hale Maree:
“I want you to worship me,” I say. Oscar’s entire forehead wrinkles up with amusement as he chews.
“Worship? Seriously?” he asks, mouth full.
“You mean like bowing when you walk in the room? Making altars? That kind of thing?”
I roll my eyes. “No. I mean that if I call for you, I want to know that you’ll come running. I want to know that, when I walk into a room, you’ll always notice. That if I burn dinner or turn your t-shirts pink or gain five pounds, you’ll still feel lucky to have me. When we talk, I want you to really hear what I’m trying to say. That’s what I want from you.”
Oscar puts the mug on the counter. I think he’s going to tell me I’m a spoiled brat, or that I don’t know a thing about how relationships work, or that I’m just plain impossible, but instead, he leans forward with one hand on the countertop before he says, “Done.”
My fingertips slip from the door handle.
“I would notice you, Hale,” he continues, “if you walked into a room behind a 500 pound lion that was charging straight at me. I would notice you if the room were full of naked women, and I was in deep conversation about my own death. I will always come running, I’ll eat the dinner, and wear the shirts and I’ve already thought that if you put on ten more pounds, it’d be a sure bet that I would never let you out of my bed. I’ve been trying to soak up every word you’ve said since the first time we spoke, so I think it’s only fair that you try just as hard to hear me now. I think you are perfect for me, Hale, and I’m just waiting for you to realize that I’m perfect for you too.”
It’s like the entire room disappears and all I see is Oscar with his level gaze. He drops his voice to a whisper as he says, “Come here.”
But I stay where I am, with the sun warming my back through the windows, and I shake my head at him.
“No,” I say. “Come running.”    

Books by Misty Provencher
The CORNERSTONE Series  (Young Adult)
HALE MAREE  (Adult, Contemporary Romance)
FULL OF GRACE (Adult, companion book to Hale Maree)
MERCY, A GARGOYLE STORY  (New Adult, Dark Urban Fantasy)
Available in paperback and ebook at:  

Release Day Blitz: Variables of Love by MK Schiller

Title: Variables of Love
Author: MK Schiller
Genre: NA Multicultural Novel Hosted by: Lady Amber's Tours

Blurb: Meena Kapoor knows what life has in store for her. She’s in her senior year at Stanford where she’ll graduate summa cum laude, and then she'll begin her interviews…her marriage interviews. Meena is Indian, and she’s never questioned that she’ll have an arranged marriage like all the generations before her. Not until she meets gorgeous math major Ethan Callahan. Ethan’s sense of humor and free spirit stir feelings in Meena she didn’t know were possible outside of Bollywood movies. It doesn’t hurt that he’s charming and has the uncanny ability to make math sound like poetry, but Meena knows their equation makes no sense in the real world. Ethan finds himself intrigued by the mysterious, beautiful girl, whose big, brown eyes reflect great pain. His goals are small at first—to make her smile and then to laugh. But he soon wants more, and though Meena is adamant they have no future, he convinces her to share the present. Ethan believes every problem has a solution, but with cultural expectations and family duty among the variables, they will struggle to solve the ultimate equation to find happiness.
I am a hopeless romantic in a hopelessly pragmatic world. I have a full time life and two busy teenagers, but in the dark of night, I sit by the warm glow of my computer monitor, reading or writing, usually with some tasty Italian…the food that is!
I started imagining stories in my head at a very young age. In fact, I got so good at it that friends asked me to create plots featuring them as the heroine and the object of their affection as the hero. You've heard of fan fiction... this was friend fiction.
I hope you enjoy my stories and always find The Happily Ever After in every endeavor.
I love hearing from readers so please write to me!
Author Links: Website – FB author page - FB personal Page -   Amazon Author page - Twitter – @MKSchiller Goodreads author page -
“It is kind of cool…the mating for life thing. There are so few species that mate for life.” I turned and stared at him, feeling my heart flutter by his very close presence. His hand twitched a bit, like it wanted to grab mine. Was he feeling the same charge of electricity I was? I wanted to be honest with him. After I told him, he would probably rather hang out with a swan. “That’s why I love them. They are just like me.” He didn’t seem frazzled by what I’d said. He was quiet, soaking in my words. Rachael told me statements like this were the fastest way to get a guy to leave you alone, but Ethan didn’t even seem surprised. “You mate for life, Meena?” “My people do” “Economists?” he asked with an amused grin. “Very funny.” “Are you saying there are no Indian divorces?” His question sounded genuine. “There are exceptions to every rule, but we do have the lowest divorce rate in the world.” “Why do you think that is?” “It’s culturally discouraged.” He nodded. “Maybe, it should be here too. But is that really the only reason? It makes it sound like it’s very difficult to get yourself out of a bad situation.” “It’s difficult, but usually not impossible. That’s not the only reason. I think the marriages, in general, are stronger and more stable.” “What makes them stronger? Religion? Culture?” I was quiet for a moment, contemplating my response. “Come on, the answer to the Western woes of wedlock could be solved by this very conversation. Surely, you have a theory.” “Two words—arranged marriage.” His eyebrows shot up. I had finally surprised him, but he didn’t hesitate with his next question. “People still do that?” “It’s not as common as it was, but it’s not uncommon either. Most Hindu marriages are the result of an arrangement.” “I don’t know anyone who would want to get married like that.” I sucked in a deep breath, but didn’t let my eyes waver from his. “Yes, you do.”

Meena is an interesting name. How do you spell it?” Darren asked.
M-I-N-E, I wanted to say, but I kept my mouth shut while she answered. 

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Cover Reveal: Forgiving Gia by Gina Whitney

Title: Forgiving Gia (Rocker Series: Two)
Author: Gina Whitney
Genre: Erotica BDSM Expected Release Date: October 20, 2014
Cover Designed by: Regina Wamba at Mae I Design & PhotographyHosted by: Lady Amber's Tours

Blurb: Abel Gunner is a Dom rock-star with legendary skills in the bedroom. He swore he wouldn’t fall for another women after scheming manipulative Morgana. Until, he met his new Sub Gia Mastro. His darkened soul longed for her submission, affection, and ultimately love. Her pain brings the pleasure he craves. They share a deep connection that has him craving the love he never asked for. Her smile calms the beast that rages within. Gia loves Abel more than life itself. But, Abel is devastated by what he perceives as lies and deceit and threatens to destroy what little happiness Gia’s ever known. Her life hangs in the balance. His life depends on forgiving her. This couple must face many truths: Is love enough to overcome the damage that dwells within? Gia’s experiences with love have been nil. Until meeting the infamous bad-boy rocker Abel Gunner. Swept up in a mind-bending Dom/Submissive love affair she’s force to make decisions that have both helped and hurt their relationship. Gia’s mother has betrayed her in the worst possible way. Abel’s ex-girlfriend Morgana an unbearable thorn. When she wakes her reality is stripped of meaning. Abel, has walked away from her leaving her imprisoned with torment within her own mind. They both have to face their demons before they can embrace a future together. In the end, they’re faced with two choices: Fight for love or die with their demons.
Gina Whitney grew up reading Judy Blume, and Nancy Drew books. She was raised in the town of North Valley Stream, New York(Long Island)and attended community college for fashion design. At 19 she opened a boutique. She recently published her first paranormal romance novel Blood Ties. When she's not writing, she's hanging with family and friends. She shares a home with her wonderful son’s PJ and Drew, and their 200lb Mastiff Hercules. She currently lives in Massapequa, New York. Reading has always been a passion and obsession. You can usually find her typing furiously while shouting obscenities over her latest work. She also enjoys a good laugh, being snarky, espresso, and above all steamy swooning angst filled novels. She's pathologically obsessed with True Blood(Eric ;), Games of Thrones, Borgias, Vampire Diaries and Originals. You can also find her chatting it up with readers on Facebook.
Amazon: Blog:
Pre – Order Link:

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Cover Reveal: Behind Closed Doors by Kimberly Hart

Behind Closed Doors by Kimberly Hart
The much anticipated follow-up poetry collection to “more.”
Release – Fall 2014
Cover design – Airicka’s Mystical Creations

Twitter: @KimHartWrites

Get the first collection “more.” here:

Our dreams, thoughts, desires and fantasies revolve around the wishes our hearts make with every passing moment. Sometimes hot and sexy, beautiful and seductive, and even ugly and crazy just like real life can be. Everyone wants to be someone else when the doors are closed. Peer deep inside your soul and let the words in your heart surface and come to life.  

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Cover Reveal: Drawing Down the Moon by Steven Lee Climer

Title: Drawing Down the Moon
Author: Steven Lee Climer  
Genre: YA Horror/Dark Fantasy Expected Release Date: Nov. 4, 2014Hosted by: Lady Amber's Tours

Blurb: A group of misfits learn how to conjure an ancient dark evil that gives them the power to be judge, jury, and executioner.
Ronan and her friends unlock the secrets of delivering vengeance on their tormentors with an ancient artifact found in Ronan's mom's mail. However, it goes beyond petty high school teasing and the trio begins doling out horrific punishments. When it goes too far and Ronan wants out, Lyda, the charming new student, gets in her way. Ronan must break Lyda's hold on her friends before they become the monsters hunting each other. 
Tag Line: Because Every Teen Wants Revenge
Steven Lee Climer lives in Metropolitan Detroit with his partner.  He is an avid amateur bodybuilder, gardener, and all-around handyman.  He has sold the motion picture rights of his novel Demonesque to After Dark Productions, and is the recipient of several honors including the Darrell Award, Eppie for Best Horror Novel 2000, and 1997 finalist for Best First Novel from the International Horror Guild.
Author Links: 

Book Blitz: Love In Rewind by Tali Alexander

Title: Love In Rewind
Author: Tali Alexander
Genre: Erotic Romance, Adult Romance, NA Contemporary FictionHosted by: Lady Amber's Tours

Blurb: Emily has the life every woman dreams of.
At 29, she has two beautiful kids, a live-in nanny, housekeeper, cook, and every imaginable luxury in the posh Upper East Side townhouse she shares with her drop-dead gorgeous husband, Louis Bruel. His company, Bruel Industries, owns a big chunk of New York City’s most sought-after real estate, and together Emily and Louis embody the perfect hot fairy tale couple for ten happy years of marriage.
But when Louis mysteriously starts pushing Emily away, becoming distant and secretive, she is forced to search for the truth among the lies, scandal and heartbreak of his past that threaten to shatter her world. What she finds out will test the strength of her love and her vows to the man of her dreams.
Can Emily and Louis rewind far enough back to a time when life was simpler and love was all they needed? Follow their story with the help of some of their favorite songs from the 80’s to discover just how deep and how far love will go.

Author Links: Website:
Buy Links:
I didn’t need to look back to know who was behind me. His scent alone added another milliliter of arousal to my underwear. I couldn’t turn around, he was leaning into me so close. I could feel his heat as his wide muscular chest pressed against me, enveloping me. Heart don’t fail me, now. Please don’t stop beating, I kept repeating to myself as my heartbeat started increasing to presto speed.
“Are you trying to make me come in my pants in front of all my clients, little girl?” he asked.
Fuck, I need to breathe. He continued whispering into my ear, making every hair on my body stand at attention. “I’ve been jerking off to the vision of your tits in that white top for the last two weeks.”
I think I officially stopped breathing when he said, “your tits.”
“Please tell me you’re at least eighteen. I really don’t want to go to jail. But I think it might be worth it even if you’re not.”
Okay, Emily, snap out of it. Say something adult and memorable. This was my chance.
“Yeah, I’m eighteen…” I finally said, a little breathlessly. He got a little closer as his whole body shook laughing at my pathetic comment. I could faintly feel something hard bulging out and grazing my lower back. I was afraid of having a spontaneous orgasm if he got any closer.
“Thank … you … God. So you must be Jenna’s little sister?” he asked, sending chills through my overheated body. My underwear was soaked by now. Even I could smell how aroused I was.
“If Mike knew what I wanted to do to his hot little sister-in-law right now, he’d have my balls.”
I still hadn’t turned around. My legs were shaking; my brain was drawing a blank. I was much braver in my fantasies. Thank God there was no one in the kitchen to see us. WAIT! Reality hit me—where was everybody? Shouldn’t the other staff members be helping me with the clean up? Oh my God, can somebody see us? I thought. I remembered the one-way glass and started to turn my head around to check just in case anyone else was there. That’s when Louis Bruel’s lips brushed my cheek as I turned my head. I guess that was the official moment I stopped breathing. I gathered all my strength and turned to face him inside his loose grip. I looked up at him, trying to seem in control of the situation. After what felt like twenty minutes of me craning my head up to his towering height, he broke our silent stare-off.
“I can’t believe how beautiful your eyes are, little girl. They remind me of the water in Turks and Caicos. Your hair is the color of the sand there.”

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Wunschliste - Bücher// Wishlist - Books

Die Totengräberin von Sabine Thiesler
Die Wunschliste von Jill Smolinski
Das Wunder eines Augenblicks von Nicholas Sparks
Ein Tag wie ein Leben von Nicholas Sparks
Ich hätte dich so gern gekannt von Friederike Rosenfeld
Der Geist der Bücher von Manfred Theisen
Die Teeprinzessin von Hilke Rosenboom
Unter dem Safranmond von Nicole C. Vosseler
Die Farbe Lila von Alice Walker
Die Schwester der Königin von Philippa Gregory
Wasser für die Elefanten von Sara Gruen
Starbucks und ich von Michael Gates Gill
Die letzte Reliquie von Gonzalo Giner
Gut gegen Nordwind von Daniel Glattauer
Ein Engel für Emily von Jude Deveraux
Gefühle lesen von Paul Ekman
Nicht ohne meine Tochter von Betty Mahmoody
Sag Mami Goodbye von Joy Fielding
Der Geschichtenverkäufer von Jostein Gaarder
Das Schweigen des Glücks von Nicholas Sparks
Du bist nie allein von Nicholas Sparks
Weg der Träume von Nicholas Sparks
Wie ein einziger Tag von Nicholas Sparks
Die Frau des Zeitreisenden von Audrey Niffenegger
Bevor ich sterbe von Jenny Downham
Der Tag, an dem ich meine Stimme fand von Tito R. Mukhopadhyay
Eragon - Die Weisheit des Feuers von Christopher Paolini
Nicht tot genug von Peter James
Sorry von Zoran Drvenkar
Tote Mädchen lügen nicht von Jay Asher
Neunzehn Minuten von Jodi Picoult
Die Stadt der Träumenden Bücher von Walter Moers
Der Joker von Markus Zusak
Die Nähe des Himmels von Nicholas Sparks
Weit wie das Meer von Nicholas Sparks
Das Gewicht der Seele von Oliver Kern
Der Tag, an dem ich starb von Anthony McGowan
Göttertrank von Andrea Schacht
Der Drachenthron von Stephen Deas
Die Prophezeiung der Schwestern von Michelle Zink
Wovon ich rede, wenn ich vom Laufen rede von Haruki Murakami
Das Haus der kalten Herzen von Sarah Singleton
Tochter der Träume von Kathryn Smith
Beim Leben meiner Schwester von Jodi Picoult
ZWEIundDIESELBE von Mary E. Pearson
Mr Monster, English edition von Dan Wells
Die geheime Sammlung von Polly Shulman
Opus - Das verbotene Buch von Andreas Gößling
Splitterherz von Bettina Belitz
Die Bibliothek der Schatten von Mikkel Birkegaard
Zwei halbe Leben von Rebecca Stephan
Graf Dracula: Mein Tagebuch von Graf Dracula
Ich werde auf dich warten von Jennie Rooney
Brandzeichen von Beverly Connor
Engel der Nacht von Becca Fitzpatrick
Vergiss ihn nicht von Liane Moriarty
Der Teezauberer von Ewald Arenz
Im Zauber der Sirenen von Tricia Rayburn
Schlaf still von Kate White
Ich will dich nicht töten von Dan Wells
Sternenwandler von Tracy Buchanan
Du hast mich auf dem Balkon vergessen von Anna Koch
Ich weiß, dass du lügst von Paul Ekman
Die Landkarte der Zeit von Felix J. Palma
The Hollow - Wahre Liebe ist unsterblich von Jessica Verday
Glückstreffer von Kevin A. Milne
Riley - Das Mädchen im Licht von Alyson Noel
Cassia & Ky - Die Auswahl von Ally Condie
Blood and Chocolate von Annette Curtis Klause
Strange Angels - Verflucht von Lili St. Crow
Sturm im Elfenland von Frances G. Hill
Bryony von R. J. Anderson
Der Ruf des weißen Raben von Sanna Seven Deers
Für immer und eh nicht von Heike Wanner
Die Stadt der verschwundenen Kinder von Caragh M. O'Brien
Auf Fehler programmiert von Ellen Kaplan
Vision von Javier Pelegrín
Die Rebellion der Maddie Freeman von Katie Kacvinsky
Firelight - Brennender Kuss von Sophie Jordan
Eins wollt ich dir noch sagen von Louisa Young
Versuchung der Finsternis von Ronda Thompson
Der Himmel über Darjeeling von Nicole C. Vosseler
Die Gabe der Magie von Kathleen Duey
Süßer Rausch der Finsternis von Ronda Thompson
Bleiche Stille von Laurell K. Hamilton
Dunkle Glut von Laurell K. Hamilton
Tanz der Toten von Laurell K. Hamilton
Zirkus der Verdammten von Laurell K. Hamilton
Gierige Schatten von Laurell K. Hamilton
Blutroter Mond von Laurell K. Hamilton
Ich, Heinrich VIII. von Margaret George
Ruf der Dämmerung von Riana O'Donnell
100 Arten, eine Mango zu essen von Amulya Malladi
Alles, was wir geben mussten von Kazuo Ishiguro
Die Vermessung der Welt von Daniel Kehlmann
Wenn der Tag zu Ende geht von Bernhard Meuser
Die Nomaden der Meere von Bernhard von Muecklich
Lamento, Im Bann der Feenkönigin von Maggie Stiefvater
Der Kuss des Satyrs von Elizabeth Amber
Die Kinder der Sonne von Bernhard von Muecklich
Morgenrot von Tanja Heitmann
Dianetik, Der Leitfaden für den menschlichen Verstand von L. Ron Hubbard
Nijura, Das Erbe der Elfenkrone von Jenny-Mai Nuyen
Wintermond von Tanja Heitmann
Schattenwandler: Gideon von Jacquelyn Frank
Göttin der Dunkelheit von Laurell K. Hamilton
Späte Rechnung von Hans-Jürgen Rusch
Wilde Magie von Christine Feehan
Götterdämmerung von Sven Böttcher
Betrogen von P. C. Cast
Erwählt von P. C. Cast
Ungezähmt von P. C. Cast
Angelus von Danielle Trussoni
Die Nacht des Satyrs von Elizabeth Amber
Ich über mich von Grégoire Bouillier
Mädchenfänger von Jilliane Hoffman
Das Mädchen mit den Teufelsaugen von Ines Thorn
Herrscher der Finsternis von Laurell K. Hamilton
Ein reines Gewissen von Ian Rankin
Biss einer weint von Frau Meier
Elfenkuss von Aprilynne Pike
Wish u were dead von Todd Strasser
Schattenwandler: Elijah von Jacquelyn Frank
Der Kuss des Kjer von Lynn Raven
Nachtglanz von Tanja Heitmann
Das Lied von Eis und Feuer - Die Herr von George R. R. Martin
Das Lied von Eis und Feuer - Das Erbe von George R. R. Martin
Die Frau im grünen Kleid von Stephanie Cowell
Drei Wünsche hast du frei von Jackson Pearce
Schattenwandler: Damien von Jacquelyn Frank
Little Bee von Chris Cleave
Die Beschenkte von Kristin Cashore
Das Lied der Sonnenfänger von Julie Peters
Wir werden zusammen alt von Camille de Peretti
Blood on my Hands von Todd Strasser
Gejagt von Kristin Cast
Jasmyn von Alex Bell
Eragon - Das Erbe der Macht von Christopher Paolini
Die Wahrheit über Alice von Rebecca James
Jägerin des Zwielichts von Laurell K. Hamilton
Die Sturmkönige - Glutsand von Kai Meyer
Blood and Chocolate von Annette Curtis Klause
Fremde Schwestern von Renate Ahrens
Die Flammende von Kristin Cashore
Schwestern des Mondes: Hexenzorn von Yasmine Galenorn
Prophezeiung von Sven Böttcher
Aus Licht gewoben von Alexandra Bracken
Das Lied von Eis und Feuer - Die Saat des goldenen Löwen von George R. R. Martin
Glühende Dunkelheit von Gail Carriger
Gefährtin der Finsternis von Lucy Blue
Das Lied von Eis und Feuer - Der Thron der Sieben Königreiche von George R. R. Martin
Schattenbraut von Lisa Black
Schattenwandler: Noah von Jacquelyn Frank
Elfenliebe von Aprilynne Pike
Katzenjammer von Frauke Scheunemann
Vor dem Regen kommt der Tod von Lieneke Dijkzeul
Mathilde und der Duft der Bücher von Anne Delaflotte
Dark Inside, English Edition von Jeyn Roberts
Mit ganzer Seele von Rachel Vincent
Plötzlich Fee - Winternacht von Julie Kagawa
House of Night - Gejagt von P. C. Cast
House of Night 8 - Geweckt von P. C. Cast
Nachtkrieger - Ewige Begierde von Lisa Hendrix
Martha im Gepäck von Ulrike Herwig
Der Traum des Satyrs von Elizabeth Amber
Nacht der Schatten von Laurell K. Hamilton
Ice - Hüter des Nordens von Sarah Beth Durst
Das Lied von Eis und Feuer - Die Königin der Drachen von George R. R. Martin
Weltennebel - Im Schatten der Dämonen von Aileen P. Roberts
Das Lied von Eis und Feuer - Sturm der Schwerter von George R. R. Martin
Gefangene der Dunkelheit von Lucy Blue
Das Lied von Eis und Feuer - Die dunk von George R. R. Martin
Das Lied von Eis und Feuer - Zeit der Krähen von George R. R. Martin
Irgendwann werden wir uns alles erzählen von Daniela Krien
Jetzt kann ich's dir ja sagen von Annie Sanders
Absurdes Glück von Stefan Slupetzky
Verlorene Stunden von Anne Tyler
Rette meine Seele von Rachel Vincent
Lucy von Laurence Gonzales
Cassia & Ky - Die Flucht (2) von Ally Condie
Noir von Jenny-Mai Nuyen
Creekers von Edward Lee
Die Sünder von Brett McBean
Flesh Gothic von Edward Lee
Bighead von Edward Lee
Halo von Alexandra Adornetto
House of Night 9 - Bestimmt von P. C. Cast
Monstrosity von Edward Lee
Verbrannt von P. C. Cast
Mrs. Alis unpassende Leidenschaft von Helen Simonson
Was, wenn es Liebe ist von Sophie van der Stap
Purpurmond von Heike E. Schmidt
Brennen muss die Hexe von Sven Koch
Du wirst sein nächstes Opfer sein von Donn Cortez
Halo von Alexandra Adornetto
Timeless von Alexandra Monir
Feuer und Glas - Der Pakt von Brigitte Riebe
Imageproblem von Anja Hilscher
Das Lied von Eis und Feuer - Der Sohn des Greifen von George R. R. Martin
Geliebte des Zwielichts von Lucy Blue
Cheffe versenken von Christiane Güth
Vergissdeinnicht von Cat Clarke
Welpenalarm! von Frauke Scheunemann
Elfenbann von Aprilynne Pike
Der Weg in die Dunkelheit - Die Erwählte von Erica O'Rourke
Schnitt von Marc Raabe
Versucht von P. C. Cast
Eine Tat wie diese von Amy Efaw
Schrei unter Wasser von Jeanette Øbro
Göttin der Liebe von P. C. Cast
Mythica, Göttin des Meeres von P. C. Cast
Sternenfeuer - Gefährliche Lügen von Amy K. Ryan
Mythica, Göttin des Lichts von P. C. Cast
Mythica, Göttin des Frühlings von P. C. Cast
Masken - Unter magischer Herrschaft von Mara Lang
Der Ruf des Satyrs von Elizabeth Amber
Gold und Stein von Heidi Rehn
Ballade - Der Tanz der Feen von Maggie Stiefvater
Nachtkrieger - Unendliche Sehnsucht von Lisa Hendrix
Ich will schlafen! von Helen Walsh
Eine Frage des Herzens von Luanne Rice
Brennender Traum von Patricia Shaw
Mein russisches Abenteuer von Jens Mühling
Starters von Lissa Price
Pain von Lisa Jackson
Dark Canopy von Jennifer Benkau
Der Klang des Pianos von Elisabeth Büchle
Hades von Alexandra Adornetto
Blutflucht von Inka Loreen Minden
Aaron von Kim Landers
Ich fürchte mich nicht von Tahereh Mafi
Feennacht von Nina Hansemann
Er ist wieder da von Timur Vermes
Cassia & Ky - Die Auswahl von Ally Condie
House of Night 10 - Verloren von P. C. Cast
Schule am Ende der Buchkultur von Jeanette Böhme
Kuss der Nacht von Jeaniene Frost
Blutrote Küsse von Jeaniene Frost
Der sanfte Hauch der Finsternis von Jeaniene Frost
Nachtjägerin von Jeaniene Frost
Dunkle Sehnsucht von Jeaniene Frost
Rubinroter Schatten von Jeaniene Frost
Verlockung der Nacht von Jeaniene Frost
Keine Gnade von Daniel Annechino
Verführerisches Zwielicht von Jeaniene Frost
Eternal Youth von Julia Crane
Dunkle Flammen der Leidenschaft von Jeaniene Frost
The Grey God von Lizzy Ford
Eine unbequeme Wahrheit von Al Gore
Machiavelli in 90 Minutes von Paul Strathern
Kant in 90 Minutes von Paul Strathern
Schopenhauer in 90 Minutes von Paul Strathern
Hume in 90 Minutes von Paul Strathern
J.S. Mill in 90 Minutes von Paul Strathern
Thomas Aquinas in 90 Minutes von Paul Strathern
Descartes in 90 Minutes von Paul Strathern
Descartes in 90 Minutes von Paul Strathern
Aristotle in 90 Minutes von Paul Strathern
Socrates in 90 Minutes von Paul Strathern
Rousseau in 90 Minutes von Paul Strathern