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Release Day Blitz: Fractured Innocence by Julia Crane

Fractured Innocence
(IFICS #2Freak of Nature)
By Julia Crane
Release Date: December 24, 2013


*Warning 17+ due to sexual gritty topic and language. 

Kaitlyn and Erik are sent on a mission to track down Vance Dasvoik, a ruthless monster. His latest thrill—abducting and selling young women.

Vance's current victim: Aaliyah, a seventeen-year-old who never imagined walking her brother home from school one evening would change her life forever.

The mission quickly turns personal for Kaitlyn when she finds Aaliyah beaten, her mind and soul fractured from abuse of the worst kind. Kaitlyn knows firsthand what it's like to be haunted by the past and resolves to bring justice to the elusive Dasvoik.


This couldn’t be reality. Had they really been abducted? No! No! No! Please let this be a dream. A nightmare. Please let me wake up and find myself in my own bed. Things like this didn’t happen, not to her. Not to her brother! Certainly not in America. 
Her family didn’t have money, so she knew this wasn’t about ransom. 
Without moving she scanned the room trying to gain her bearings. She was curled up on the floor in the corner of a small room, that much was obvious. Her body ached. She tried to straighten her legs out but they remained bent. She couldn’t even push herself up to sitting.
The walls were white and metal filing cabinets lined the walls. A large wooden desk sat off to the left with a computer. No windows. No pictures or paintings on the wall. Nothing personal whatsoever.   
Her eyes continued to dart around the room, finally settling on the men. They were large, wore dark suits and looked scary. One was tall with a hook nose and curly blond hair, the other was short but muscular with a bald head. They were not the same men from the car. 
Desperately she tried to fight the panic that rose in her chest once she realized her brother was not in the room with them. Where was he? At least she knew he was alive from their comments. Too young? For what? So many questions and no answers. Maybe if she could figure out where they were they could escape. 

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Author Bio

Julia Crane is the author of the Coexist: Keegan’s Chronicles. She has a bachelors degree in criminal justice. Julia has believed in magical creatures since the day her grandmother first told her an Irish tale. Growing up her mother greatly encouraged reading and using your imagination. Although she’s spent most of her life on the US east coast, she currently lives in Dubai with her husband and three children.
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Book Blitz: Song of the Wolf by Hanna

When the lone wolf howls, you fight or die

Her soul cruelly ripped from her body, Alison cowers in her cell, unable even to call forth her inner wolf as comfort, her dreams of a mate and pups crushed. For who would have her now, even if she could escape alive?
Dax is a lone wolf, operating on the fringes of his pack. No one messes with him, and that’s just the way he likes it. Rescuing Alison from the High Lord’s vile clutches is all he cares about, because there’s something that calls his shattered soul to hers.
As their world faces its biggest threat yet, the fragile bond between these two damaged creatures rallies the pack to fight the ultimate battle…for their souls and their very survival.

Here is a link to the Song of the Wolf promo video! Yay!
Extended Synopsis
In the depths of England, a Kingdom lurks beneath the confines of normality. 

A hierarchy of supernaturals run by the strict council fight daily to keep their world a secret from the humans that appear to rule the world. With the Councils structure changing and the Kingdom struggling to keep up, the rest of the community must keep their heads down and do their duty. Or face the ultimate penalty. 
Shifters and Vampires have the hardest task of them all, fighting in the war against the Circle, a deadly band of rebels, practicing blood magic and capturing souls in their wake. With the new high lord in control, life has never been more dangerous.
A day will come little wolf when you must decide which evil you fight for.
Alison Jenkins has been born and bred into one of the Councils leading front line packs. She’s had a life of glitz and glamour and has loved every second of it.That was of course until the deadly circle kidnapped her… and bound her soul against her will.Now she faces a fate worse than death, with her body rotting and her soul held captive she faces the gravest of choices, give up her afterlife to save this one?Or die early and let her soul walk the grey plane alone for the rest of eternity.

When Dax, the White Wolf packs resident moody genius finds out Alison has been kidnapped he gives up everything he has to find her, nearly killing himself in the process. He is a lone wolf by nature and when he finds himself falling in love with a female who not only is the sister of his Alpha, but seems to be slowing dying with no hope of salvation, he finds himself changing the very fiber of himself and his morals. Dax will use every available resource to try and help her, even if it means asking a favour with the very darkest creatures of the night.Is death truly the only way to save her?

Song of the Wolf is out on the 26th November 2013

It is the second book in the Call of the Wilderness series, though you don’t necessarily need to read them in order!

Silence of the Wolves is the first book;

Fate is calling…

After a strange encounter in a dark alley, journalist Tamriel’s life is turned upside down. She’s missing days, developing odd new abilities, and being followed by mysterious Leyth.
Dark, dangerous – and too gorgeous for his own good –Leyth’s determined to teach Tamriel about her new life – as a werewolf! And just as intent on keeping their relationship strictly business.
But as their simmering bond grows, Tamriel and Leyth face a bigger challenge; Tam may be their kind’s strongest weapon against the Circle, a deadly group of paranormal creatures gone rogue. That is, if she’s ready to give into her destiny and put up the fight of her life...

Author Bio

I am a born and bred wild child. (Or I like to think so anyway!)
I moved to sunny Folkestone to escape and find my feet as, well whatever I was destined to be! But alas, my short attention span made finding that destiny a little difficult! One day I came across a diary entry that made me laugh so hard; I actually fell off my chair. (Yes, this can happen!)
I decided that the entry was so funny; it needed to be shared with the world! So I started writing, and attempted to turn it into a novel. Though to this day, that novel remains unfinished, it will always be the novel that got me started, and showed me what I was passionate about. Honestly? I have aspired to be everything from a Private Investigator to a Zoo Keeper with my career; my interests change so quickly that I could never stick with one! Writing gives me the freedom to choose; I can be a cold-hearted assassin in love with a poet one day and the secret lesbian lover of a politician the next!
All my life, I have had a strong, unwavering passion for anything supernatural, spiritual and slightly unexplainable, I love the idea that there can be something completely fantastical lurking beneath the confines of normality. So of course, mythical creatures of all shapes and sizes dominate most of my work!
In a nutshell, I am a creative crazy bean, living with my lovely husband and a house full of too many animals! I’ve always secretly wished I were a werewolf of some description, but have come to realise that I will have to settle for writing about them instead! I’m happiest in the sun with my head in a good book!

Publisher website - www.carinauk.com/hannah-pole
Twitter - @hannahapole - https://twitter.com/hannahapole


Both books are on amazon;

Silence of the Wolves is currently on a promotional sale to celebrate the upcoming launch of Song of the Wolf!
UK- 59p!! US – 95c!!

They will also be available in all the awesomely usual places;
Kobo, Nook, Waterstones, WHSmiths, ITunes, Google Play Store, Mills and Boons website- (yes, I know :P – perks of being published through a Harlequin imprint lol!) etc. etc.

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Facebook-Gewinnspiel bei Mina Kamp

Heeey Leutee!! <3
Habt ihr eigentlich schon einmal von der Autorin Mina Kamp gehört?? Sie hat das Buch "Cherryblossom" geschrieben (Rezi findet ihr hier auf meinem Blog oben unter dem Tab Rezensionen) und nun gibt es ein Gewinnspiel, bei dem ihr Band zwei, den Nachfolger von Cherryblossom ergattern könnt!!!! <3
Ich hab natürlich gleich mitgemacht!! Vielleicht ihr auch bald? :D

Hier mal die Nachricht von Mina von ihrer Facebook-Seite:

"Hallo ihr Lieben! Ich weiss, es war etwas stiller um mich die letzte Zeit ;) Aber jetzt möchte ich mit einem kleinen Gewinnspiel in den Winter starten. Wer Lust hat, bitte bis zum 20.11. teilen. Dann ist Auslosung und - Tatata - der Gewinner wird hier benachrichtigs. Trommelwirbel ... und los!"

Aaaalso ihr Lieben... teilt das Bild überall wo ihr könnt und schreibt dann auf FACEBOOK unter dem Post von MINA KAMP, dass ihr geteilt habd und wo ihr geteilt habt. 
Klingt ganz einfach??? Ist es auch!! <3

Also teilt was das Zeug hält! Ich wünsche euch allen viel Glück! :-*

Liebste Grüsse,
Eure Marie! <3 :-*

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Pulling me Under by Rebecca Berto on sale!!!

Look what is on sale for just $0.99!!!!
Pulling me Under by Rebecca Berto!!! 
My review will be online as soon as I have the possibility to read the end and write my review!!! <3 (But it's awesome as heck till now, I can tell ya!! <3)

Just grab it guys!! <3


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Blogtour ~ Rezi #59 (review): Virtue by Allison Bassen

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Blog Tour for Virtue by Allison Bassen

Candice and Susan thought they had it all, but they were dead wrong. Their lives were in jeopardy the day they learned the daunting truth about one formidable man.

Candice, incognito, now occupies the penthouse suite as the in-house call girl at Manhattan's swankiest hotel. She rises to the top of her profession paying more attention to the psychological longings of her clients. After all, sex is so much more than just sex. Even though she has powerful men under her influence, Candice still glances over her shoulder.

Susan, once a wealthy Atlanta socialite, played by the rules only to be confronted with an unimaginable ultimatum. She snaps out of her charm school coma realizing the last twenty-three years played like a sinister joke at her expense. Now she has one goal. Stay alive.

One will survive.

VIRTUE takes you on a ride of sultry suspense. Buckle up.

Book Link:

Purchase Links:

Author Bio

My first word was "cookie." That tells you just about everything you need to know about me.

I was born in Columbia, South Carolina weighing a meager three pounds, which was tenuous back in those days. As usual, I was early for my own birthday by three months. My theory is everyone's punctuality is innate. I'm early for almost everything.

My folks moved to Atlanta when I was nine months old and I stayed there until I was twenty-four. My itch was Manhattan. I can still remember signaling my first taxi and when that checker cab pulled over for me, I became Audrey Hepburn. Even though I understand the whys, I miss those over sized cabs and their character. There's nothing glamorous in putting your hand out for a yellow Prius.

I fell for a "Yankee" and never made it back to Atlanta. We tied the knot and made three beautiful children. Funny, my youngest son read the first few pages of VIRTUE, and his only comment was, "This is fiction, right?"
My friends and family have been telling me to write for years. The challenge was coming up with the story. VIRTUE was inspired by scandalous newspaper headlines. A Governor got caught with an escort. That had me scratching my head. Why would a powerful man risk his career? And what about the escort? She looked like a pretty girl and came from a nice family. Then I researched the history of prostitution and came to understand why it is referred to as "the oldest profession." Yes, prostitution is in The Bible.
My second novel, MY FATHER'S AFFAIR, which should be published by June of 2013, was inspired by a true story. I took that story and raised the proverbial stakes. I changed the era and the setting. Things were much different in the early sixties. Small towns are like Cheers where everybody knows your name. But I think the most important aspect of writing this novel was the narrator. The reader sees the story through Ellie's eyes, the thirteen year old daughter, which intensifies the emotions.
Writing gets me out of bed every morning. Okay, breakfast, lunch, and dinner are equally motivating. If I'm not writing, I'm reading. There is nothing better than a great read. My biggest hope is that you find pleasure reading my novels.
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ONE $50 amazon.com gift card giveaway! 

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New York City

No, I’m not a virgin, and no, I’m not a prude, but I have slept with only three men.  The first was my husband.  The second was the private investigator I hired to see if my husband was cheating.  The third was my first one-night stand to see how it felt to have sex with a stranger.  Anyway, that paltry number will most likely soar to three men a day as if it were a tooth brushing or vitamin regimen.
So here I sit, despite my weak résumé, doing research for my interviews reading Penthouse Forum articles, if you can call them “articles,” along with a slew of other magazines wrapped in cellophane.  My mouth is slack-jawed with astonishment; I feel like I just fell off the sexual hay truck.  What the hell is infantilism?
            My first interview is tonight with André.  He’s the concierge at The Regal, a renowned five-star hotel in Manhattan.  André will be in charge of all of my appointments if I get the job as the “in-house” call girl.  If all goes well, I get passed on to Robert, the owner of The Regal, the following evening.  And if he approves, I proceed to the final interview with a regular client named Conner whose turn-on is humiliation.  He masochist, me sadist. 
The girl I’ll be replacing has been a patient teacher and friend encouraging me with a “You can do this” mantra and having me respond with “I think I can, I think I can” optimism.  She even took me shopping for the get-ups I would need for each interview.  For André, she picked lingerie a bride would wear on her wedding night.  Sexy, yet classic.  For Robert, she chose a French maid outfit complete with black fishnet stockings and patent leather stilettos.  I was fine with both ensembles.
Now comes the juicy part.  My outfit for the masochist.  Head to toe leather.  Even the leash is leather.  My thigh-high black boots have four-inch heels and I’ll be lucky if I can pass the hour without falling on my face made up with smoky eyes and burgundy lips.  The only time I dressed up was on Halloween or when I would sneak my brother’s little league uniform out of the Salvation Army bag and pretend I was a baseball player, which I would’ve preferred to the tutu I wore as a ballerina enduring the first, second and third positions of torture.
My mentor offered advice for each interview:  “André is a gentleman.  He’s going to study you the way an art collector would appraise a painting.  (Translation: Would men be willing to spend five Benjamins for an hour of your time?)  If he likes the painting, he’ll pass it on to Robert.  Now Robert is a man’s man.  On the outside he seems like John Wayne, rough and tough around the edges, but he’s really no different than the average Joe wanting worship and adoration.  Just behave in awe at all of his Dale Carnegie accomplishments and you’ll have him wrapped around your finger in a New York minute, which is exactly how long it will take him to climax.  Both André and Robert are vanilla ice cream sex.  Conner’s a different story.  Treat him like a dog who just chewed up your designer stilettos.”
I felt confident about André and Robert, but Conner had me anxious, no, terrified.  What in God’s name was I thinking?  It’s not like I announced at the family dinner table, “When I grow up, I want to be a prostitute.”   I remember wanting to be a princess, perhaps a teacher, and most of all, just like Mommy.  I took the high road.  It just didn’t work out. 

My (short)Review For Virtue:

To be honest.. I was skeptical at first, if I really should chose to review this book. I mean I often read books of this kind of genre, but I'm a cover addict and so I normally don't read books like this one. It's the first time I read a book which cover I don't like that much. It could be a better one, but that's just my personal opinion. To come to a point, I was soo surprised by the content that I still can't believe it! Virtue is written soo freaking well and the characters are so colourful described that I have no idea how I could form my thoughts into words! ♥ Thanks Mrs. Bassen for writing this book. Like I said, I'm reading many books of this genre, but never read one with such an amazing idea behind! The whole story is - for me - so weird that it could be a true story. x-D ♥
4,5 of 5 stars from me (0.5 because of the cover... sorry for that, but I can't give 5 with this cover.^^ :-*)

Q)  As a child, what did you want to do when you grew up?
A)  I wanted to be a commercial airline pilot.  I was such a tomboy and back in the late seventies, males dominated the airways.  Imagine being on a plane, the year is 1978, and you hear the following announcement: “Good afternoon, my name is Allison, and I’ll be your captain today, taking you to an altitude of 35,000 feet.”    Every man on the plane would have grabbed his oxygen mask and started praying!

Q)  What inspired you to write your first book?
A)   I always wanted to write, but I needed the plot. The former governor of New York, Eliot Spitzer, and his scandal with escorts made me question why a man would risk his career, reputation, and his family all for sex.  Then I thought…what makes a nice girl from a middle-class family sell her body?  Intrigue led to research and a story was born.

Q)  Where do you get your information or ideas for your books?
A)  Virtue was ripped from the headlines.  The book I am editing right now, My Father’s Affair, evolved from a story my mom told me about a relative of hers that cheated on her husband.

Q)  What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating any of your books?
A)  I remember typing, “The End,” thinking I was finished and popped open the bubbly.  Little did I realize I would spend another three months editing and proof reading.  I must have deleted the word “that” a thousand times.  When you read your sentences out loud, you really find the mistakes.  You hear them.  Then you still send the book out to be proofed by a professional!  There is nothing worse than reading a novel filled with typos and grammatical errors.  It’s usually a deal breaker for me.

Q)  What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?
A)  This might be too much information, but I scheme and plot in the bathtub.  There aren’t any distractions and I do my best thinking with a good, steamy soak.

Q)  Is there a message in your novel/novels that you want readers to grasp?
A)  One of my reviewers said it best.  There’s no such thing as a perfect white-picketed fence.  That’s when you discover someone’s true character.  How do they fix the fence?

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Blogtour ~ Rezi #58 (review): Vampire World by Rich Douglas

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Blog Tour for Vampire World by Rich Douglas


A popular teen is bitten by a vampire during a steamy night of making out with her boyfriend. After the bite, she wakes up in a cruel orphanage in Vampire World, with no memory of her past. She’s left with very little; only fangs, pale skin and a keen desire for blood.

Marissa, who’s named Janice in Vampire World, escapes the ghastly orphanage thanks to Mr. John FreeCut, an old, benevolent vampire who adopts Janice because he wants to foster children he could never have. He says her parents died in a crash. Beautiful, innocent and thrust into an enigmatic world she has no memory of, Janice must face many challenges. The grueling blood hostess job. The multiple stalkers and creepers who are hungry for her and her blood. The dizzying fireball competition. And most challenging, the fact that she doesn’t look or act like a vampire.

Janice is emotionally overwhelmed. Thankfully she makes some friends, including Brett BloodCut. Brett and Janice are immersed in a passionate romance, and Brett helps Janice adjust to her new world by giving her the love, confidence and knowledge she needs to survive as a vampire. Janice finds a way to succeed in such a problematic world. Things go well for Janice, though not for long. A stranger knows the truth about her past.

Slowly but surely Janice discovers the truth that she is being lied to by the ones she loves. She must learn the secret behind TriFang, and ultimately accept the stinging reality that things are not always what they seem. Could the truth ever be so bloody?

Book Link:

Purchase Links:

Author Bio
I am from New Orleans, Lousiana and I write young adult novels, fantasy and science fiction. 

My new novel, Vampire World, is now available. If you enjoy reading paranormal YA fiction, please check this out now.

The Magical Tale of Eliza Felding, Book 1 of a trilogy, takes place in New Orleans one year after Hurricane Katrina. It involves teens, romance and tons of magic. 

The Secret of the Dogs is a children's book about four very different dogs (a Basenji, a Greyhound, a Pomeranian and an Airdale Terrier) who go on a quest to rescue a young boy that is being abused by his father.

I love writing, teaching, storm chasing, traveling and drinking orange soda.

Author Links:

My (short)review:

I'm in love with vampire books so I have read so many vampire books I really can't count them. Every book follows a similar scheme, but not this! Vampire World is an extraordinary book which I loved sooo much to read! ♥ The idea is just awesome. I really like how the characters are drawn and I can imagine every single scene in this book because everything is written so colourful that I just had an image in mind, when I read the first page - and this was still till the last page a wonderful thing! ♥
Thank you Mr. Douglas for writing a book like this, which will be in my mind for a loooo~ng time!
5 of 5 stars from me.